Book Review: Assassin’s Quest

Rating: 5 out of 5.

  • Author: Robin Hobb
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Page Count: 838
  • Date Started: 5/20
  • Date Finished: 5/29
  • Spoilers: Yes, for books 1 and 2

A Brief Description

King Shrewd is dead at the hands of his son Regal. As is Fitz—or so his enemies and friends believe. But with the help of his allies and his beast magic, he emerges from the grave, deeply scarred in body and soul. The kingdom also teeters toward ruin: Regal has plundered and abandoned the capital, while the rightful heir, Prince Verity, is lost to his mad quest—perhaps to death. Only Verity’s return—or the heir his princess carries—can save the Six Duchies.
But Fitz will not wait. Driven by loss and bitter memories, he undertakes a quest: to kill Regal. The journey casts him into deep waters, as he discovers wild currents of magic within him—currents that will either drown him or make him something more than he was.

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“But a living is not a life.”

This was a pre-scheduled post, but before it goes up, I wanted to add something.

Before my review I want to have a short chat:

As crazy as the world has been, I hope that everyone knows how much their lives matter. With that being said, all lives will not matter until black lives matter. I was incredibly saddened by the murder of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor that occurred over the last month or so. If you haven’t please sign the petitions here:

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Okay, so this is the third book in the Farseer series, and because of that, there will be spoilers for the first two. Fitz has gone through it. His life, to put it bluntly, sucks. He was almost killed at the end of the first book, was ACTUALLY, but only technically, killed at the end of the second book, only to be resurrected by Burrich and Nighteyes at the very beginning of this book. Fitz has decided that he is going to enact his revenge on Regal and wants to kill him. His quest takes him to many distant places, including past the Mountain Kingdom and into territories that have not been seen by humans for generations, all in his search for Verity.

Here’s the thing, I loved the first two books. I really did. One thing that I will say they are slow at times. They are not all action-packed all the time. In fact, they take their time and are very character-based for the most part, but I love that about these books. When it’s action-packed though, it is ACTION-PACKED. Robin Hobb has developed characters and a world that feel real, and that are both fully fleshed out. Everyone has a very unique voice, and she writes her villains well. Regal was a petulant child and I loved to hate him. The world of the Six Duchies is flesh and bone, real to the touch and unlike anything I’ve read before. I loved all the characters, Kettricken, Nighteyes, Burrich, Molly etc.

Robin Hobb has a very simplistic writing style. It’s not overly flowery or adorned. It gets it’s point across well, and typically I’m a fan of flowery writing and prefer it, but in this story, it doesn’t need it. The simplistic, straight to the point language and style really does the story well. As I said, the plot can be a little slow at times, but in this one, you can see why it needed to be that way.

The ending of this one was satisfying although I have some unanswered questions left. I guess I will have to continue with the next series in her Realm of the Elderlings world. Have you read this? What did you think?

Have a wonderful day, stay safe and healthy,


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