February Wrap-uP

The end of the shortest (but always seems to FEEL the LONGEST) month is finally here! That means a wrap up! I read – A LOT- of books in February. I have no idea how I read THIS much this month, since it was so busy for me! I had a good reading month, hopefully this continues into the new month of March. I re-read some favorites and found some new favorites too! (A Court of Silver Flames, The Space Between Worlds and We Set the Dark on Fire are all MUST reads) What did you read this month?

What are some of your February reads? Have you read any of the ones that I’ve read? What were your thoughts?



3 thoughts on “February Wrap-uP”

  1. A month with so much Sarah J Maas is always a good month! I re-read all the thorns and roses books and Silver Flames too. I also read House of Earth and Blood a few months ago and I loved it so much! I hope there will be a new book this year!


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