Book Tour: Silver Dawn Afire

  • Author: Sonja J. Breckon
  • The Seventh Age Sage #1
  • Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
  • Page Count: 479
  • Publication Date: March 16th, 2021

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A Brief Description

Myridians are coming, each wielding one of Six Cataclysmic Powers that will lay waste to the world and wake the God of Neutrality. What happens when one refuses to succumb to her myridian nature and sets out to save the world instead?


SIDRA ANATOLA will soon die a human death and be reborn as one of the myridian, beings destined to destroy the World of Aetheria. In a desperate attempt to change her dark fate, she flees home and the young man she loves to seek help from a powerful entity who has lived through all the ages. But she may not make it in time before she is killed by hunters—or by the love of her life, also a myridian, who fights every day to hold onto the emotions that made him human.

BRESEIS ERISWEN was expelled from the academy and failed her father who expected her to carry on her late mother’s profession as a myridian hunter. But Breseis never wanted to be a hunter—she refused to kill, and she never believed in myridians, to begin with. She leaves home with big dreams, lacking experience, and a broken heart, to prove that she is more than a failed hunter.

Two contrasting paths converge to become a turbulent one. A mouthy intellect with a colorful personality, and a skilled warrior with a frosty attitude, put their differences aside and travel the rest of the way together, robbing temples, angering false gods, and escaping numerous predicaments with their lives. Amid the chaos, they form a friendship despite a gut feeling that both hide dangerous secrets that can save or destroy the world and each other.

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Note: I received this book from the author through Xpresso Book Tours. I wanted to thank them for this opportunity! If you click the link below, you can see the full schedule.

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This was a story about the end of the world and those who are destined to bring it. It mainly follows two characters, Sidra and Breseis. Sidra is a Myridian, otherwise known as a world ender. She is destined to end the world of Aetheria, and is making a desperate attempt to change her fate, she runs away from home, and from everything she has ever known.. Breseis is the daugther of a Myridian Hunter, leaving home with big dreams, with aspirations to prove that she is more than a failed Hunter.

The characters were very distinct with very different voices. Both characters are very vivid and feel alive. They have their own ambitions and were very fleshed out. I enjoyed going through this world with their very different perspectives. I also love that it was showing these two characters going to the same place for very different reasons and how their perspectives changed throughout this journey. They were also characters who were fallible, they were not perfect, they weren’t these all powerful Gods that fought and won with no effort. These characters made me invested in their story and in where they were going. I can’t wait to see where else they are going to go.

The world-building was pretty great too. The world here is fantastic actually. The world is full of magical and mythical creatures and an interesting and new magic system. I’ve never seen a magic system like this, and I’m loving it. There are also multiple kinds of magic in this world and it is very ingrained into the world building. One thing I’ll say is that sometimes it can be a little hard to see where you are in the world, but part of this is because flipping to the front of the book to see a map in an e-book can be tough for some (me lol). I love a good map, and this map is gorgeous. The world building and the way that Sonja built this world and the different cultures is very well thought out and I can’t wait to

The plot was decent, but there were moments that the plot lagged and the pacing was a little off for me. There were moments where the action was really high-octane, and then moments where it was sloooow. Regardless of that, it kept me engaged, even thought I had to push myself a little bit through the slower parts. I’m really excited to read the second one whenever it is released. I don’t want to give many details about the plot so at to not spoil anyone, but I highly recommend this to anyone who loves fantasy. This is definitely worth a shot.


Sonja J. Breckon is a builder of fantasy worlds and not ashamed to admit she lives in them more than in the real world. Besides writing books, she works with various programs to create her own cover art, interior art, design, formatting, and fantasy maps. She loves nature, the universe, coffee, and bookstores. Oh, and chicken potato enchiladas.

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